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Thursday, February 23rd 2017  


Managed Security Services Ready for Growth

By Timothy Long, CRN

Security solution providers say the value proposition for them to move to managed services is clear.

“If you’re just selling boxes, you’re only as good as your last month,” said Stuart Chandler, president and CEO of Optivor Technologies, a Nortel Networks Elite Advantage Partner in Elkin City, Md. “But if you’re locking a customer into a two-year managed services contract, now you have monthly recurring revenue coming in and you can forecast your profitability reliably. That’s the key.”

Chandler said two important advantages flow from that: Your company’s value increases and your customer base gets solidified. “Once you sign a customer to a managed services contract, your retention rate is very high,” he said.

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Technology an Educator Can Love (Desktop Management)

The Education World Tech Team discuss its favorite new hardware and software. Can the technology work for you too?

"Another program I now use as a network administrator is called RemoteScope, "Holmes added. "It allows me to connect to our computers no matter what building they are in, and either view what a student is doing or take control of the students' computer. This has saved me much time from having to be physically present to solve a software problem for a teacher. Now, teachers can just let me know that there is a problem and I can remote in from my console and work on the computer."

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Press Release - 250 Computer Diagnostic Test Routines on a USB Jump Drive
MicroScope on a Stick provides the power of MicroScope Diagnostic Software’s 250 computer diagnostic test routines in a convenient USB drive format. Hard drive testing, burn-in, memory tests, and system board tests - computer technicians troubleshooting PC’s can reduce the time spent on trouble tickets by having the PC diagnostic tools they need with them right on their keychain.

250 Computer Diagnostic Test Routines on your Keychain.
Glendale, CA - Micro2000(R), a leading developer of computer diagnostic tools, released MicroScope on a Stick(TM) – a USB drive version of the award winning computer diagnostic MicroScope software.

Micro 2000 Universal Diagnostic Toolkit
Reviewed by: Don Hughes (D.A. Hughes & Associates)

The first time I saw a demonstration of Micro2000 products was during the 1999 COMDEX trade show in Toronto. I was fascinated by the Universal Diagnostic Toolkit's power and user-friendly interfaces. Easy as the program appeared on the surface however, just like an iceberg the real power of the program was not obvious during quick demonstrations at COMDEX.

Getting Certified Using Micro 2000's Training Course
A Product Review by UpgradeAdvisor.com

For several years now there has primarily been one recognized Tech Certification for computer support professionals. CompTIA is the leading association representing the international technology community.

Hardware Admin Basics, What You Need to Know
Article By: Drew Robb for ServerWatch.com

What does it take to create a successful career for yourself as a system administrator? It all depends on who you ask. Some believe certification is key, some say experience, a few consider that it boils down to the tools used, and still others point to the value of sound academic training.

Precautions When Selling, Trading, or Sending a PC to Salvage or to a Repair Shop
Article by H.D. Knoble as published by Penn State University: Sensitive data is confidential, private, personal data on any digital media. Experience has shown that many if not most PC’s to be transferred out of production, still contain data which is considered sensitive related to University business.

PC Hardware Made Easy, the Ultimate PC Assembly and Repair Course
Reviewed by: Robin Nobles for Kick Start News

What does a businessperson, a secretary, a Web site owner and a writer have in common? At one time or another, they will run up against computer problems that could potentially shut down their entire business. In fact, in this technology-based world in which we live, almost every vocation can have business-stopping computer problems.

Phishing for Trouble: CyberCriminals Profit Big by Thinking Small
According to security experts, Internet hackers are shifting gears and scoring big by thinking small. Instead of blasting out global virus attacks over the Internet, cyber-criminals, motivated by profit, are becoming increasingly more organized and have begun targeting their attacks on one or two companies at a time.

Micro2000 Delivers Flexible and Centralized Network Management
IT Administrators Can Streamline Inventory Management, Software Distribution and Technical Support Across an Entire Network From a Single Workstation

State Fails to Erase PC’s
Pornography, Social Security numbers and even a National Guard troop list were among information found on surplus computers from various N.C. state agencies, according to an audit released Wednesday

CyberDefense Magazine [ PDF ]
RemoteScope is a simple, inexpensive remote desktop management suite from Micro 2000 Inc.

Effective Asset Management Saves Billions
BSA Audit Campaigns Increase Pressure on IT Leaders to Implement Comprehensive IT Asset Management Programs

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